Pepsi to deploy 100 Tesla Semis in 2023

Pepsi has announced that they are planning to deploy 100 Tesla Semi trucks in 2023.

The move will not only revolutionize Pepsi’s shipping and delivery operations but also demonstrate a commitment to sustainability.

By opting for electric semi-trucks, Pepsi will be able to reduce their emissions significantly and contribute to making the air cleaner for everyone.

In addition, the fuel costs associated with running a fleet of electric semi-trucks is significantly less than that of diesel powered vehicles,

so Pepsi should be able to reduce their bottom line while still meeting customer needs.

Finally, Pepsi customers can take comfort in knowing that when they order a product,

it will have been transported with electric semi-trucks which produce zero tailpipe emissions and emit less noise.

This is great news for those who care about environmental issues and it’s encouraging to see major companies like Pepsi making a difference in the fight against climate change.