Replacing The Ford F-150 Lightning’S Battery Isn’T Cheap

This article provides an overview of the costs associated with replacing a Ford F-150 Lightning battery.

The replacement battery for the brand-new Ford Lightning will depend on the year and model of the brand-new Ford Lightning.

The standard range battery pack for the Ford Lightning will cost about $15,000 and the extended range juice pack will cost about $20,000.

 This is a good investment for those who want to drive long distances in their popular electric crossover.

The original capacity of the Ford Lightning's battery was around 100,000 miles, but with the extended range juice pack it can be increased to 200,000 miles or more.

This means that if you plan on owning your Ford Lightning for many years and have to drive long distances

frequently then it is probably a good idea to get the extended range juice pack instead of the standard range battery pack.

The Mustang Mach-E has also been released by Ford recently as a popular electric crossover and its extended range

juice pack costs around $25,000 which is slightly more expensive than replacing the Ford Lightning's battery system.

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