Tesla adds a rounded steering wheel to the Model S and X.

For the Model S and X, Tesla has recently included a rounded steering wheel option.

Tesla owners may now select between a traditional steering wheel and the new circular steering wheel using the online configuration.

Tesla hackers have already used the internet to express their enthusiasm for this brand-new choice.

Elon Musk hinted at this on Twitter as well, saying it would happen shortly.

Customers who customise their automobiles through the internet store have an intriguing assortment of round wheels

because they can choose between black and white alternatives.

Since CEO Elon Musk announced it, Tesla customers have been eagerly awaiting the introduction of the round wheel option.

The new steering wheel design, which departs from standard, traditional steering wheels,

is now offered through Tesla's configurator in both the top Model S and X sedans as well as their SUV brother.

Customers can order the new yoke-style wheel for installation when ordering their premium electric car, even though they cannot retrofit it onto their current vehicles.

Musk has promoted the circular steering wheel as a safer and more comfortable substitute for traditional models.

Additionally, it gives Tesla's iconic vehicles a fashionable touch that many owners are sure to love.