Tesla, VW and several other EVs that qualify for the new 2023 US EV tax credit

With the introduction of the new 2023 US EV tax credit, many automakers are introducing or have recently introduced electric vehicles (EVs) that will qualify.

Companies like Tesla, Volkswagen, and others are looking to expand their fleet of EVs and give consumers more options when it comes to electric vehicles.

These cars are made with advanced technology and feature some great features for drivers, including zero emissions, efficient batteries that last for miles on end, and other perks.

They may come at a slightly higher cost than regular cars, but with the new tax credit in place this cost is reduced significantly making them a much more affordable option.

With the combination of new EVs entering the market as well as the tax credit helping to make them more accessible,

now is an excellent time for consumers to explore all of their EV options.