The 500-mile range Tesla Semi will be available soon.

This article talks about the 500-mile-range Tesla Semi vehicle, which will be delivered soon.

 Elon Musk and his business's battery-operated Class 8 truck travelled 500 miles without recharging.

 Musk tweeted on Saturday that the finished Semi could move a total weight of 81,000 pounds.

He added that the first full week of testing for the electric truck has already ended.

 Compared to other electric trucks on the market, Tesla's battery technology allows it to have a longer range.

With their Class 8 trucks, Tesla is completely changing the business thanks to their revolutionary technology and increased range.

Since Tesla introduced the semis, the Tesla Semi's 500-mile variation has allowed it to travel farther than any other semi.

Tesla employees have been working hard on this incredible feat, and CEO Elon Musk just gave the market an update on it.

It's incredible to travel 500 miles on a single charge, and with this new update, it appears that the Tesla Semi will be available shortly.