The Cool Factors Behind The Color-Changing BMW I Vision Dee

The technology and characteristics of the BMW I Vision Dee concept automobile, which includes panels that can change colour on demand, are discussed in this article.

The vehicle is an electric sports sedan and the most recent BMW concept automobile, which was unveiled at CES 2019.

The 240 e-ink panels in the midsize sedan can output 32 different colours and can change colour as needed.

 The BMW I Vision Dee is one of the first vehicles to have such technology built into it, which is what makes it so amazing.

The purpose of these color-changing panels was to give the car a futuristic appearance, and it succeeds in that endeavour.

With its distinctive and diverse brilliant colours that can be changed at the touch of a button, the BMW I Vision Dee is one of the most eye-catching vehicles on the road.

The body panels are constructed from a variety of materials, including electro-luminescent material,

which enables colour changes from inside and outside the vehicle.

The Dee Dial concept, which is connected to music, enables you to instantly change the outside colour of your car.

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