The Cybertruck has a roof, right?

The Tesla Cybertruck does indeed have a sunroof! On any other vehicle,

a transparent roof is what is typically referred to as a large panoramic sunroof.

Tesla's unique Armor Glass, which is clear and built to be shatterproof, is used to make the sunroof.

The sunroof enables an abundance of natural light to penetrate the cabin and contributes to giving occupants a sense of being outside.

A distinctive view of the sky above and the surroundings is also offered by the sunroof. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla,

also announced that a solar roof option over the truck's bed will be available for the Cybertruck.

This option will help to power the vehicle and increase its range and efficiency. For individuals trying to get the most out of their Tesla Cybertruck, the sunroof will be a fantastic addition.