The Cybertruck will it have a yoke?

On the Tesla Cybertruck, a yoke steering wheel will be offered. Tech tycoon and Tesla's creator Elon Musk provided confirmation of this.

The CEO called it a "technical bandwagon" and continued by saying the new steering wheel will be better in the electric pickup truck.

A butterfly steering wheel, or "yoke" wheel as Tesla calls it, was a feature of the Cybertruck's 2019 prototype.

Thanks to Tesla, the revised production variants of the Model S and Model X already include the yoke steering wheel.

Tesla is expected to release the Cybertruck before the end of the year, as promised by Elon Musk in his early 2022 product plan update.

Tesla's principal designer predicts that the Cybertruck will likely have the yoke steering wheel as a standard feature.

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