The Ford Maverick's fuel efficiency is how much?

A car that uses little gasoline is the Ford Maverick.

You can select the hybrid or nonhybrid model that best suits your needs because they are both available.

 The non-hybrid Maverick is one of the most reliable cars on the road thanks to its remarkable highway fuel economy of up to 32 mpg.

This makes it a fantastic option for individuals who want to enjoy their trip while saving money on gas.

A 1.5 litre inline turbo engine with plenty of power and economy for travelling

along the world's roads is also featured in Ford's newest little pickup truck.

The Ford Maverick is a fantastic option for anyone searching for a car that is both efficient and potent thanks to its outstanding highway mpg rating and strong engine.

You can travel with confidence in your newest Ford pickup truck because of its four wheel drive characteristics,

which enable it to handle any terrain, regardless of how difficult or muddy it may be.

The 2.0 litre turbo engine in the current Ford Maverick, a small pickup vehicle that gets up to 32 mpg on the interstate and 25 mpg in the city,

provides great highway mileage. Its enormous 14 gallon gasoline tank ensures

that you won't need to make many excursions to the gas station for refills.