The Kia K900 and Genesis G80 are contrasted in the table below.

High-end luxury vehicles with a lot to offer are the Genesis G80 and Kia K900.

The higher-end amenities of the Genesis G80 more than offset the higher base price, which is greater than that of the Kia K900.

Kia is more focused on luxury, while the Genesis is more focused on power, offering two V8 engines in addition to the standard V6 option.

All three engine options in the Kia offer more than enough power for daily driving requirements.

The Kia has quilted Nappa leather and a 22-way adjustable driver's seat for maximum comfort,

while the Genesis delivers luxury leather seats and up to 20 speakers for a great audio experience.

The Genesis offers cutting-edge driver assist technology that help keep you safe on the road,