This Tesla Model M bike, which was inspired by the Cybertruck

This article describes how a designer drew inspiration from Tesla's Cybertruck to construct an electric bike.

The bike is inspired by the designer's vision of the future and has a nostalgic aesthetic.

Tesla Cybertruck served as inspiration for the "Tesla Model M" design by Victor Rodriguez Gomez.

This e-bike names the Tesla Model a "motorcycle" and gives it a futuristic appearance.

It has hollow spoke-free wheels with an all-black finish that give it a contemporary and edgy appearance.

Victor Rodriguez Gomez's perspective can be best expressed with the correct balance of historical and modern components.

Inspire by Tesla's Cybertruck, he developed the Tesla Model M, an electric motorcycle.

It boasts all the attributes of a cafe racer and has a futuristic-looking, lightweight aluminium frame.

Future adventurers may expect the greatest level of comfort, control, and effectiveness from the handlebar and footpegs.

The bike's multipurpose handlebar touchpoints were highlighted by

 Gomez when he displayed his initial designs of it, demonstrating the bike's values of both aesthetic and multifunctionality.

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