Voting for the first vote of 2023 on Tesla Superchargers resumes.

It's that time of year once more, when Tesla owners can pick their favourite Superchargers once more.

Drivers have the ability to vote for their preferred charging stations and express their thoughts on the service and locations through this poll.

To find the most well-liked Superchargers in North America, votes are gathered yearly via an online survey.

As we enter the first quarter of 2023, we want to make sure that the Tesla community is heard by asking them to participate in this significant poll.

When building and growing its charging networks, Tesla continues to put a premium on security, practicality, and cost.

By determining the areas where consumers want new or more Supercharger coverage, this survey will assist with making sure that every driver's journey is secure and effective.

Visit Tesla's website now to make sure your vote is counted and voice your view.