What is the maximum cargo capacity of a Tesla Semi?

The Tesla Semi is intended to transport cargo in its trailer,

which can be configured to transport various types and quantities of cargo depending on the haul's specific needs.

The Semi, according to Tesla, can carry up to 80,000 pounds of cargo,

which is roughly equivalent to the maximum weight permitted for commercial trucks in the United States.

The cargo capacity of the Semi is affected by the weight of the tractor, the weight of the trailer, and

the distance the cargo will be transported; the weight of the cargo is limited by

the tractor's weight capacity and the trailer's weight capacity.

The Tesla Semi's trailer is outfitted with a number of advanced features that are intended to improve cargo transport safety and efficiency.

These features include a reinforced undercarriage and a low centre of gravity to improve stability,

as well as advanced aerodynamics to reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency.