What is The Toyota Supra's BMW engine type?

The various engine choices for the Toyota Supra are covered in this article along with the benefits of each.

The six-cylinder model is still a fantastic vehicle, but the new 2.0 model's engine is superior to the six-cylinder model's.

The Toyota Supra has a BMW M3 Turbo engine.

This engine is perfect for racing because it has an eight-speed automated transmission and all-wheel drive.

A two-door coupe with a 3-liter inline engine and a dual-speed, dual-clutch transmission is called the Toyota Supra.

In fact, BMW used a modified version of the same engine in the upcoming 2023 M4 two-door coupe.

The in question engine has a new cylinder head, six cylinders, and is a litre.

This engine is extremely powerful and efficient because to the innovative head exhaust manifold design that was used in its creation.

The Toyota GR Supra uses the same engine as the 2.0 model but has upgraded pistons and other parts, increasing its efficiency even further.