What may you expect to pay for the Model 3's upkeep and charging?

A Tesla Model 3 can be expensive to buy and maintain, but you get what you pay for thanks to its many cutting-edge features.

The beginning price for a Variant 3 can range from about $35,000 to over $80,000, depending on the model and any available improvements.

Most Model 3 owners indicate that depending on where they reside, the cost per kilowatt-hour to charge their vehicle ranges between $0.09 and $0.27.

Keep an eye on how much energy you're consuming if you intend to use your Model 3 for extended distances as this could increase your costs.

Depending on the mileage and type of service you receive, the Model 3's maintenance expenses can vary.

Regular check-ups typically cost $50 or less, but repairs to parts like the electric motor can cost up to $3,000 per component.

You can cut these costs by maintaining your Tesla and making sure all maintenance is carried out accurately and on schedule.

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