What Takes Place When A Semi-Truck Drives Without A Driver?

This article describes how an autonomous safety system-equipped self-driving truck was able to stop in a lane after one of its tyres blew out.

 The truck, which is operated by Kodiak Robotics, used autonomous driving technologies to keep its lane and deal with safety hazards brought on by its blowout tyres.

This incident shows how well autonomous technology can handle a situation like this.

 It was able to recognise a tyre blow, bring the test truck to a safe halt in its lane, and effectively deal with the side tyre problem.

 Kodiak Robotics was able to show how autonomous technology can manage a circumstance like this through the use of this technology.

This incident significantly advances the development of autonomous technology and demonstrates its viability in practical applications.

When a tyre blowout occurs on a semi-truck without a driver, the truck makes up for the damaged tyre.

Kodiak Robotics deployed self-driving technology in this situation to implement a backup plan to safely stop the vehicle on the shoulder.