What type of screen does the Tesla Model 3 have?

The Tesla Model 3's primary touchscreen is a huge 15 inches.

This touchscreen, which may be divided into several sections, is used to manage almost all of the vehicle's activities.

On the left, drivers have access to the radio, the climate control, the phone, and more.

The right side of the dashboard offers quick access to the vehicle's settings, including the steering wheel's customization choices and door lock/unlock settings.

The LCD is essentially where you can find important car information like battery life and tyre pressure.

 The driver can get more vehicle statistics by using the energy monitor or speedometer displays.

When the software for this device is developed further, owners could have access to new features that weren't available at launch.

Overall, this state-of-the-art touchscreen increases the enjoyment of driving while giving drivers unmatched control over their vehicles' systems.

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