What would happen if you crashed a Tesla Model 3 while it was in motion?

What would happen if a Tesla Model 3's screen broke while it was in motion?

The answer to this question depends on the degree of the damage and whether vandalism or an accident was to blame.

There is a possibility that the screen can be fixed if it only has a small crack rather than needing the complete display panel to be changed.

 This would entail taking out the shattered pieces of glass and replacing it. However,

 you will need to replace the entire unit if it has been broken or damaged beyond repair, which could cost up to $2,000.

Additionally, a broken screen could make it challenging for the driver to use features like the autopilot and media controls.

Even worse, driving with almost no visual input might endanger both you and other motorists.

It is therefore essential to replace the display panel as soon as feasible.