When can I purchase a Tesla Extended Service Plan?

When you buy a Tesla vehicle, the Tesla Extended Service Agreement is an option.

Customers can benefit from lengthier coverage of car parts that qualify for warranty coverage thanks to the agreement.

Depending on the Tesla model they choose, customers can choose a plan with a length of up to eight years or 150,000 miles to suit their budget.

Customers who select the package will additionally benefit from added services including software updates and upgrades

as well as mobile service for on-the-go repairs and roadside assistance.

The Service Agreement from Tesla comes with an unlimited mileage warranty that extends the vehicle's two-year warranty by an extra two years.

You'll have more peace of mind knowing that this coverage can help with repairs or replacements for parts not covered by the original manufacturer's warranty.

Customers who purchase the Tesla Extended Service Agreement can get the most out of their investment in their car by gaining more protection and security.