When driving a Tesla Model 3, what happens if the screen gets broken?

What happens if the screen of a Tesla Model 3 is broken when you're driving with it?

The answer to this question is conditional upon the nature and severity of the injury.

The entire display panel may not need to be replaced if the damage is limited to a small fracture in the screen.

It would need taking out the shattered glass and replacing it with a new pane.

If the unit is broken beyond repair, though, you will have to buy a new one, which might set you back more than $2,000.

The driver may find it difficult to use features like the media controls and autopilot if the screen is damaged.

Worse yet, you and other motorists are put in danger if you operate a vehicle while relying on no visual information at all.

This is why replacing the screen as soon as feasible is recommended.

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