When we fast forward to 2023, how much will a Tesla set you back?

It's tough to say how much a Tesla will set you back in 2023, but we can extrapolate from current prices and past trends.

In its initial 2017 release, Tesla's Model 3 had a base price of $35,000. As of the year 2020, the entry-level version costs $39,490.

If Tesla keeps up its tradition of annual updates, the base price of the 2023 model year should be somewhere around $43,000.

That doesn't take into account the potential impact of future innovations on the price of a brand-new Tesla in the year 2023.

It's also possible, as in previous years, that prices will vary depending on the chosen configuration and add-ons.

In conclusion, it is impossible to predict with absolute precision how much a Tesla will cost in 2023,