Which screen kind does the Tesla Model 3 have?

The main touchscreen of the Tesla Model 3 is a sizable 15 inches.

Almost all of the operations of the car are controlled by this touchscreen, which is segmentable into various parts. Drivers can access radio,

climate control, phone/text messaging, and more on the left. Quick access to the vehicle's settings,

including the steering wheel's personalization options and door lock/unlock settings, is provided on the right side. Vital vehicle data like tyre pressure

 and battery levels are also primarily available on the LCD. At the driver's location, the energy monitor or speedometer displays can be used to retrieve further vehicle data.

 Owners may potentially have access to new capabilities that weren't offered at launch when the software for this device develops further.

 Overall, this cutting-edge touchscreen provides drivers with unparalleled control over their vehicles' systems and enhances the pleasure of driving.