Thanks to Novitec, the Tesla Model Y can convince even die-hard gearheads.

The German tuner Novitec has upgraded the power and handling of a Tesla Model Y, and their work is discussed in this article.

 The electric crossover SUV has been transformed by Novitec with the addition of custom forged wheels and a new body package,

making it seem more athletic and attractive than the stock Tesla. For quite some time,

Novitec has been recognised for its work on Ferraris and McLarens, but this is the first time it has applied its expertise to an electric crossover.

Novitec's set of Vossen wheels for the Model Y is particularly eye-catching, giving the car a very different vibe than when it was initially introduced.

These upgrades transform the Model Y into a whole new electric vehicle, worthy of the admiration of purists of bygone automobile designs.

The Model Y receives a new set of wheels and an adjustable aluminium suspension from the prestigious custom car shop Novitec.

The Model Y's new and improved suspension improves handling and lends the car a more menacing profile.