Why Are the Wheels on Semi-Trucks Shaped Differently?

This article highlights the advantages for the truck and trailer of the numerous wheel shapes used on semi-trucks.

Most tractor vehicles are attached to a fifth wheel trailer. This makes it possible to attach fifth wheel trailers to the vehicle, like an RV trailer.

The fifth wheel evenly divides the trailer's weight between the truck's front axles.

 A truck being moved with a trailer attached safely requires this weight distribution.

The fifth wheel's form also aids in evenly distributing the truck's weight fore and aft, improving control and manoeuvrability.

Additionally, it enables modification between the fore and aft axles, allowing for even weight distribution.

Most truck wheels are formed polished aluminium wheels because semi-trucks pull trailers along roadways.

 This is because maintaining semi-trucks while travelling great distances is practical. Great straight roads are a common feature of Australian highways,

enabling for the transit of incredibly long distances. Additionally, single hub wheel designs rather than two hubs,

as seen on passenger cars, are employed for semi-trucks due to space restrictions.