Why Cybertruck'S Eventual Arrival At The Ev Scene Might Be Too Little, Too Late

This article reports that the Cybertruck, an electric truck designed by Tesla,

will not be arriving on the market until late 2022, much later than originally planned.

This could be too little, too late, as the competition is already targeting the start of production in 2021.

With CEO Elon Musk's recent announcement of a Cyberquad ATV and Supercar,

 it appears that Tesla is focusing more attention on these new projects rather than the Cybertruck.

 Additionally, with the Gigafactory in Texas now open for production of electric cars and

 Tesla's factory in Berlin also opening later this year, Tesla may have spread itself too thin to focus on getting the Cybertruck out to market.

 The design has been years in the making and the hype around it is undeniable.

Elon Musk's stunning design has made a statement in the EV pickups market, but it may be too little, too late for Tesla.

With other carmakers already having established their presence in the EV pickups market, Tesla will have to work hard to remain competitive.