Why Does a Ford Have an FX4?

This article covers what the Ford FX4 package is, what it includes, and why it's important for off-road driving.

  The Ford FX4 package is a type of Ford pickup truck that was designed for off-roading.

It's available in the Ford Maverick and Ranger, but can also be found on full size trucks. The FX4 package adds extra features to your truck,

such as improved road ability, a heavy-duty suspension, upgraded tires, and other components that provide better off-roading capability.

It also includes additional extras like skid plates and exclusive decals.

The FX4 package is an amazing addition to any vehicle; it provides the model with superior road performance, increased durability, and enhanced off-roading capability.

When you get an FX4 truck, you get an electronic locking axle, skid plates, and Rancho shocks.

This combination provides a frame that is designed to stand up to any terrain.