Why Does a Parked Tesla Make Noise?

In this article, we'll talk about some of the potential issues that could be creating the noise that Tesla cars generate.

- - I hear a lot of concerns from new Tesla owners about the noises their cars make because I know many Tesla owners.

The fact that many brand-new Tesla owners are often ignorant of the fact that certain Teslas create noise when parked is a regular problem.

The coolant pump may be the culprit, and some individuals have even uploaded YouTube videos to demonstrate what it sounds like.

It normally makes a low humming sound and is not as loud as the fan or other noises that cars occasionally make.

It can occasionally be heard from a distance, which might still disturb some individuals.

This noise may occasionally be the result of a broken water pump or main coolant pump,

which can lead to clunk noises or even more severe sound problems in vehicles.

If so, changing the cooling pump or main coolant pump should assist to decrease or get rid of any humming noise emanating from your car.

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