Why Is The Tesla Model 3 More Expensive Used Than New?

Prices for the Tesla Model 3, one of the most well-liked electric automobiles on the market,

 are frequently higher on the secondhand market than they are for completely new cars.

What's going on, one wonders? Supply and demand can be used as an explanation: Compared to other manufacturers and models,

 there are fewer secondhand Teslas available due to their low production rate. Teslas are in high demand among consumers,

 so when used cars go up for sale, they usually sell swiftly and without much thought for price.

 Additionally, many buyers of new Teslas do so with the expectation that their resale value would rise over time, making those currently on the market more appealing.

In the end, if you're interested in purchasing a Tesla Model 3, don't anticipate saving money on a used one – you might even have to pay more.