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According to this story, Ford will start selling an off-road Tremor package for the Maverick in 2023.

The Tremor off-road system, which functions as a kind of low-speed cruise control for trails, is included in the package.

Starting in the fall, the Ford Bronco Sport will be the first Ford vehicle to utilise the Tremor system.

A 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, Lariat grades, and low-speed cruise control will all be available on the new Maverick Tremor.

There will also be a 4x4 drive system and additional suspension parts for enhanced trail handling for those seeking greater off-roading prowess.

The Maverick Tremor will have a car-sized pickup that is made for both on and off road use,

and it is anticipated that deliveries of the current model would start in 2023.