Will a phone in a Tesla cause it to lock?

How to unlock your car with the Tesla Phone Key feature is described in this article.

The Tesla Model 3 does not automatically lock when you walk away, but the key fob and phone key app are intended as backups.

To set it up, you must first launch the Tesla mobile app and then tap the phone key.

Then, all it takes is a quick tap of your smartphone to unlock your automobile.

This is a fantastic feature because it eliminates the need for key fobs to be carried around in pockets or bags.

Simply tap the card on the car's top to activate this feature, and the car will unlock.

The Tesla's ability to lock when your phone is inside may also be bypassed using the key app phone.

With the Tesla Model S and X, you may use your phone as a key fob as a Tesla owner.

You won't have to worry about leaving your car unlocked if you use the key fob that was developed for the Model 3 and can detect proximity.