Will Ford's mid-size truck be able to be saved by the Ranger Raptor?

This article discusses the upcoming Ford Ranger Raptor and how it will be different from the current Ranger.

The Ranger Raptor is expected to have more power and be available in a wider range of colors than the current Ranger.

The new Ford Ranger is the only new pickup truck in the lineup of Ford vehicles. It looks to be a powerful Ranger that will join the Raptor line,

and it could be a great fit for Ford's midsize trucks. Though it may not be as large as its bigger brothers, the F-150 and Super Duty,

it will still provide plenty of power. The upcoming calendar year could also see the release of Ford's smaller trucks,

such as the Bronco and Maverick. When this calendar flips over to 2021,

Ford's midsize truck lineup could look quite different with the addition of a powerful Ranger Raptor.