Will Tesla's new truck permanently alter the way we travel?

The promises that Tesla CEO Elon Musk made regarding their new electric vehicle, the Tesla Semi, are outlined in this article.

It is anticipated that the vehicle will cost $150,000 for the 300-mile model and $180,000 for the 500-mile variant.

The truck is anticipated to be resistant to a thermonuclear explosion as well. Four electric motors power the semi-cab vehicle known as the Tesla Semi.

It can tow a trailer that weighs up to 80,000 pounds and accelerate to 60 mph in under 20 seconds.

 While the 300-mile range model is priced at $100,000, the 500-mile range model will cost $150,000.

When including in fuel prices and maintenance costs, Elon Musk anticipates the vehicles to be less expensive than diesel trucks.

The Tesla Semi's mile range has the potential to revolutionise long-haul trucking by allowing it to travel further distances without stopping for refuelling or replenishing.

With a small fraction of the fuel use, it could accomplish the same load capacity as modern diesel trucks.

The Tesla Semi is akin to conventional semi trucks in that it can travel at 45 mph while hauling its full load up a 5% incline.

The company's inventor and CEO, Elon Musk, claims that it would be able to travel at 65 mph on flat ground and endure a nuclear explosion.