What Is the Model 3’s Trunk Capacity?

This piece examines the cargo capacity of the Tesla Model 3, which is touted as having the most in the industry.

It claims the trunk has enough space for five suitcases, and the front wheel can accommodate a bicycle.

In the front trunk (or “frunk”) of the Tesla Model 3, you can fit a small suitcase, and in the rear, you can fit up to three cubic feet of cargo.

Critics have praised the spacious trunk, which can accommodate two 9-by-14-by-22-inch cardboard boxes and additional items if the front seats are folded down.

You can see that it can hold a lot of stuff thanks to tweets demonstrating how much can be stored inside.

When the Tesla Model 3’s trunk is properly utilised, it can fit as many as five standard suitcases.

The Tesla Model 3 could be the perfect vehicle for your next trip if you value a spacious trunk.

Two small soft bags fit comfortably in the front trunk, and if you fold down the rear seatback, you can fit four suitcases in the back!

The trunk is large enough to accommodate a mountain bike, and you can even store the front wheel along the side of the trunk.

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