What Is The Range Of The 2023 Chevrolet Bolt Euv?

The 2023 Bolt’s EUV variant can quickly charge and can add 95 miles to its range in just 30 minutes. Chevy claims that the Bolt EUV can reach a charging capacity of 95 miles in as little as 30 minutes using a Level 3 rapid charger. Although charging rates are far faster in the middle of that range, a 240-volt charger will take the new Chevy Bolt EUV from empty to full in around seven hours.

195 miles were still on the battery when our Bolt EUV was delivered to us. The 2023 Bolt EUV’s 0-62 mph acceleration time of 7.0 seconds is relatively slow when compared to many other EVs.

There is no longer a need to purchase a separate domestic charger because the Chevy Bolt comes with a two-level charging cable that can be plugged into both 120-volt (Level 1) and 240-volt (Level 2) outlets. Level 1 charging is not the quickest method of recharging the Bolts EUV; in fact, it only offers about four miles of driving range for every hour that it is plugged in; however, it is appropriate for situations when you are likely to leave it plugged in for several hours, such as at night.

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