Will the Chevy Bolt Bear The Cost Of A Level 2 Charger?

The ability to charge at Level 2 will be included as standard equipment for qualifying customers purchasing or leasing the new Bolt EV or all-new 2022, which will allow more people to experience how uncomplicated it is to live in an electric vehicle and will help Chevrolet reach its goal of increasing EV adoption. For new customers who purchase a 2022 Bolt EV or 2022 Bolt EUV between now and the end of June, Chevrolet will pay for the base installation of Level 2 domestic charging infrastructure and cover the cost of the installation.

Chevrolet made the announcement today that it will cover the normal installation expenses for level 2 (240V) charging at-home outlets for eligible Canadian customers who buy or lease a new 2022 Bolt EV or Bolt EUV. This announcement was made in the same manner as it was made in the United States. Chevrolet estimates that its Bolt EVs will have an increased range of around 25 miles after receiving one hour of Level 2 charging. Connecting a Chevy Bolt to a Level 3 charger, which provides a direct current (DC) supply of energy to the vehicle’s batteries, is the most efficient method for recharging the Bolt.

Some people charge their electric cars at home by plugging them into a standard wall socket. This adds approximately four miles of range to the vehicle every hour, but it will take you over two days to fully charge a Chevy Bolt electric vehicle using this method. The price of the automobile already includes an installation of a standard Level 2 charging station in the driver’s residence because the programme is part of it. The charging installation is comprised of a normal installation of a 240-volt wall socket, which owners of the Bolt can use in conjunction with the charging cable that comes packaged with the vehicle to charge it at home.

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